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Interview of Mimi Lozano (July 27, 2005)

My first in this hopefully long interview series is with Mimi Lozano the Editor of the Somos Primos Internet Newsletter: Unfortunately this interview took place via my computer telephone during a thunderstorm here in NC. The two sides of the conversation became slightly out of alignment and I worked hard to get them as close as they are. My apologies for the slight overlapping that is obvious from time to time. Iím sure that future efforts will improve.


InfoBlog Interview of Mimi Lozano (August 25, 2006)

Please visit the Infoblog Site to hear Eileen O'Shea interview Mimi Lozano:

===> ***CLICK TO HEAR the Infoblog Interview of Mimi Lozano, Aug 25, 2006***

Interview of Gary Felix (August 19, 2005)

In Today's show I'm happy to talk to Gary Felix.

Gary has an information packed website that he's had up since the late 90's. You will find great information on the conquest, a coat of arms section, surname lists, and several lists of the men who campaigned with the conquistadores: Cortes, Coronodo, Luna, Montejo, and Onate. Here is the URL to his site:

Oh I forgot to mention that Gary also has a section called the "DNA Surname Project" I would encourage everyone to read this section and consider having your DNA checked along with some of the DNA from your Auxiliary lines of Genealogical decent. Here is the URL for that section of his site:

I'm excited to also be a participant in the study. If you look about half way down the page you'll see my results:

Puentes, Joseph Zacatecas 1700's>Jalisco 1800's & early 1900's>Calif.>North Carolina. Haplogroup R1b. Oldest Ydna ancestor - Antonio Puente b.1730.

Interview of Rosalinda Ruiz (August 19, 2005)

Today's show is really a family affair. First I want to thank my Tio David Quesada and Abel Solano for their help with the Intro and Outro. . .at the end of the interview you will hear their complete rendition of the classic, "Sabor A Mi."

I'm so happy to introduce to you a top caliber researcher who happens to also be my 6th cousin, Rosalinda Ruiz. She has a database of discovered relatives that numbers in the thousands. I'm very proud of her and her research abilities as she was able to find the common link in both of our genealogies and thus increase the number of my relatives by about a thousand individuals. In another line of her genealogy she was able to trace her family tree back to Spain via "her Governor" and ancestor Juan Fernandez de Cordoba the Governor of Nueva Vizcaya. She is not only a seasoned researcher but is a cordial and fun person to be around.

Thank you Rosalinda for participating in this interview series.

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Interview of Professor George Ryskamp (September 24, 2005)

Click on this link to listen to the podcast (12.8 MB)

This interview of Professor George Ryskamp took place immediately after the Hispanic Family History Symposium in Washington, DC on Sept. 24, 2005 and is the first in the New Podcast Series called Nuestra Familia Unida.

===> Click to see the PDF file of his 14 page handout (2 MB)

Roots Television Interview of Professor George Ryskamp

Roots Television's Sharon DeBartolo Carmack interviews of Professor George Ryskamp. Please visit the Roots Television: website to see many great Genealogy Video programs.

===> Click To View: "Hispanic Roots" Part 01

===> Click To View: "Hispanic Roots" Part 02

===> Click To View: "Hispanic Roots" Part 03

===> Click To View: "Hispanic Roots" Part 04


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