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Who are we?

We are a group of people interested in saving as much of our audio History as Possible.
Basically I started the "Nuestros Ranchos" Podcast series in July 2005, but very quickly
understood that my efforts would need the combined efforts of "many." It was at this point
that the Yahoo discussion group was formed to coordinate
an effort to gather the many many audio files on Indigenous* History.
We are currently very small but I believe that very soon word will get around and this effort will

Please be on the look out for "recording" opportunities. If you hear of a Seminar, Conference,
Meeting, Speech, Oral History Reading, Book Reading, or just know of someone willing to record
their many years of experience into digital format please contact me so we can put this information
online. The goal is to always make the content free and available to the interested public.

*(as in Latina/Latino, Hispanic, Chicana/Chicano, Mexicana/Mexicano, and all other descriptors identifying the peoples of the America's and Western Hemisphere.)

Listen to the Podcasts (Audio Recordings)

To listen click on the catagories to the left. The files above explain a little about the Nuestra Familia Unida podcast.

The files under "Podcasting: How To" are where the audio files are located. Currently we have audio files under these headings:

American Revolution
Recent History
Oral History


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