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Copy and Paste this feed: RSS FEED into your Aggregator Software to download New Nuestra Familia Unida podcasts Automatically or for full instructions see "Podcasting: How To."
Podcasting: How To

Nuestra Familia Unida Podcast (August 26th, 2005)

Indigenous* History and Genealogy. If you are new to Podcasting I would suggest the following web site: Some might think this is highly technical but it isn't and all you have to do is work through a few steps to do it right. What follows are 3 ways to listen to these audio presentations.

#1 Best Way - Subscribe to Nuestra Familia Unida

a) downloading free Aggragator software off the net:


b) after downloading the software "Cut and Paste" this feed in the "Add Podcast or Add Feed" area:

c) click on "retrieve" and all podcasts I have available will automatically
be downloaded to your computer.

d) listen to them from your PC or upload them to your .mp3 players
and listen at your leisure.

[Note: if you have already downloaded a free copy of iTunes a very easy way to subscribe to the podcast is to click here or on the "iTunes-1 click" icon at the top left of each page. This will automatically subscribe you to the podcast]

#2 Okay Way - Download Directly

a) go to

b) look for the listed podcasts

c) once you've found a podcast of interest "right click" on it.

d) choose a folder where you want it saved

e) select "Save Link Target As" and the file will be downloaded to your computer

f) listen on your PC or upload to an .mp3 player and listen to them at your leisure

#3 Another Way - Listen Directly from Internet

a) go to

b) click on the URL for specific interview

c) listen then and there from the internet

Trouble Shooting

If step #3 doesn't work it could be because you don't have your Audio software properly configured. Go back to #2 and once downloaded right click on the mp3 and pick "open with" using your particular Audio Software.

Another problem could be that you are using a dial up connection and the time to download is very very long. You'll have to be patient and try downloading the podcasts when you are leaving your computer for a little while. Let the computer download the podcast while you are away and you won't mind if it takes 20 or 30 minutes to download.

After some of you see the value of Podcasting I would encourage you to follow my lead and start your own Podcast. There is room here for 1000 others to begin their own informational series of podcasts on History or on whatever subject you feel would uplift the community.

*(as in Latina/Latino, Hispanic, Chicana/Chicano, Mexicana/Mexicano, and all other descriptors identifying the peoples of the America's and Western Hemisphere.)

Thanks much,

Joseph Puentes

Historical: My First (July 20, 2005)

To Download directly Right Click on the below link and choose "Save Link Target as"
save to a folder on your computer and listen from there:


Joseph Puentes hijo de Antonio Puentes hijo de Julio Puentes hijo de Julio Puente
hijo de Cecilio Puente hijo de Cipriano Puente hijo de Justo Puente hijo de Antonio Puente

My First Promo

To Download directly Right Click on the below link and choose "Save Link Target as"
save to a folder on your computer and listen from there:

Click to Hear the Promo


To Hear the Audio files Left Click on the Link. . .or to Save to your Computer
Right Click on the URL and pick "Save Link Target As" and Save to your Computer.
Once on your Computer you can listen at your convenience or upload to your MP3 player.

Direct comments to: Joseph Puentes

Subscribe to the podcast by cutting and pasting this RSS feed into your Aggragator:

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