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                 Hispanic Family History Symposium

Getting Started

     I am very proud to introduce Claire Prechtel-Kluskens, Archivist at the National Archives.
Archivist Kluskens made two presentations at the Hispanic Family History Symposium
on September 24, 2005 in Washington, D.C. The opening presentation of the Symposium was
titled, "Getting Started."

===> Click on this link to listen to the "Getting Started" podcast

===> Click to follow the Power Point Presentation (2 MB)).

Her second message was a power house presentation on the subject of one of her main work
projects at the National Archives, "Mexican Border Crossing Records." I'm sure you will all
agree that these two messages are worth their weight in gold especially if you are just
starting off in Genealogy or have hit a brick wall because you don't know "where" in Mexico
your family came from. If the latter is your situation there is a strong chance you can find
the information you need to get started in the many rolls of "Mexican Border Crossing Record"
films that NARA owns. The website associated with Archivist Claire Prechtel-Kluskens'
presentation is:

===> Click on this link to listen to the "Mexican Border Crossing Records" podcast

===> Click here to listen to the same "Mexican Border Crossing Records" podcast as above but with less background noise

     I am so thankful to Diane Dimkoff, Nancy Fortna, Jessie White, Victor Lam and
everyone at the National Archives for allowing me to record the presentations. I also look
forward to possibly working with Archivist Claire Prechtel-Kluskens some time in the future on
another Podcast presentation.

Finding A Place

     I am very pleased to introduce Professor George Ryskamp, Jurist Doctor Accredited Genealogist. Professor Ryskamp has been an Associate Professor of History at Brigham Young University since 1993 after many years as an Attorney at Law in private practice in Riverside, California. His keynote presentation at the Hispanic Family History Symposium was titled, "Finding A Place." As many who have researched their family history know "Finding A Place" is the major battle. Once Victorious in this battle the path to success in researching family history is near at hand. I'm sure you will all enjoy and find great value in the presentation.
     Professor Ryskamp's second presentation was titled, "Archives." This presentation is
very valuable for those researching abroad or those in search of finding valuable online resources. [This presentation coming soon].

===> Click to hear the "Finding A Place" podcast

===> Click to hear the "Archives" podcast

Public Land Records

     I am very happy to introduce Richard Fusick Archivist in the Public Land Records department at the National Archives. Archivist Fusick presents a great presentation on Public Land Records and what records NARA has and doesn't have. As for Spanish Land Records Archivist Fusick gives information on the limited records that NARA owns and other places where they can be found.

==> Click to hear the "Public Land Records" podcast


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